2017 New Members

 (Pictured from left),  Julie Esch, Jonathan Weinhagen, Julie Wischnack,
Beth Pfeifer, Herbert Tousley IV, Anne Mavity, Maureen Michalski, Eddie Landenberger,
James Lehnhoff, Jonathan Sage-Martinson, B. Kyle.  Not pictured, Andrew Ahrendt, Kent Carlson and Greg Munson


Nomination Application

Membership is by invitation only, but we welcome the interest of men and women experienced in the land professions. Practically, a person must have made an outstanding or noteworthy contribution to his or her profession and community and must have distinguished him or herself in academic pursuits. Candidates must have at least ten years of work experience in their field to be considered for membership.

Professional disciplines represented by members include:

  • Academic
  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Community Development
  • Construction
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental
  • Escrow
  • Exchange
  • Government
  • Historic Preservation
  • Journalism
  • Landscape
  • Market Research
  • Title Insurance
  • Transportation Planning

If you are interested in membership and meet the minimum criteria, please contact a member and express your interest.

Each year, we request nominations to Lambda Alpha International by having members propose candidates to the Membership Committee. The Board reviews the applications for nominees proposed by the Membership Committee and approves the candidates, assuming they meet all qualifications.

New member nominations occur on a semi-annual basis, so that qualified members are not delayed in participating in Lambda Alpha International functions. Once approved, an Initiation Ceremony is held at a luncheon or dinner to initiate the new members and meet other members of the Minnesota Chapter.