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Highlights from the Fort Snelling Upper Post Redevelopment Event


For those who could not join us, here are some key highlights from their presentation:


The site’s potential was recognized as far back as the Lewis and Clark expedition, which noted its strategic value for a fort. The area, now home to soccer fields, once served as a practice ground for cannon fire. In the 1940s, Fort Snelling processed over 600,000 troops, playing a crucial role in our nation’s military history. Interestingly, it was assigned a St. Paul zip code because its water supply came from St. Paul, despite being located in Hennepin County.


Despite many buildings being in poor condition and vacant since the 1970s, the project team successfully reused original walls, doors, windows, entryways, and staircases. The Upper Post Flats now feature 192 units, ranging from studios to four-bedroom apartments, alongside a clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, and substantial infrastructure improvements including new roads, sidewalks, and garage parking. The project salvaged and reclaimed 26 buildings from the 42-acre site, transforming barracks, an administration building, a gymnasium, a morgue, and a hospital into a vibrant residential community.


The new clubhouse, once a guardhouse, blends historical elements like painted brick walls and a tin ceiling with modern features such as glass garage doors, creating a unique and inviting space. This redevelopment was made possible through a public-private partnership involving the site’s owner, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the National Park Service, Hennepin County, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and the Minnesota Historical Society. The Upper Post is now home to affordable housing with a preference for veterans, honoring the site’s military legacy while addressing contemporary housing needs.

Thank you again to John Herman (Minnesota Department of Natural Resource consultant), Chuck Liddy (retired from Miller Dunwiddie Architects), John Stark (BKV Group), and Larry Peterson (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) for sharing this incredible story with us. Their dedication and the collaborative efforts of numerous organizations have transformed Fort Snelling Upper Post into a model of historical preservation and community revitalization.

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