Connecting Professionals

The Minnesota Chapter of LAI connects members with top professionals in our fields to build meaningful connections, share knowledge and advance best practices.

For more than 20 years our Minnesota chapter of LAI has been connecting individuals with a broad range of professional expertise who share a common interest in land economics.

Chapter meetings present our members with valuable networking opportunities in a more personal setting than those offered by larger organizations. Members find these networking opportunities to be enriching to their personal and professional lives because of our diverse members who cover every aspect of the real estate-related industries.

Twice-yearly, different local chapters host national Land Economics Weekends that provide opportunities for our members to broaden their perspectives and meet face-to-face with other top professionals from around the world while getting behind-the-scenes access to some of the world’s most interesting cities.

Keep up with the latest news through our online publication, KeyNotes.

Sharing Knowledge

Our Chapter meetings feature a series of distinguished speakers who present relevant topics to our professionals.

This professional diversity of our membership creates a unique blend of perspectives enjoyed in regular chapter meetings and presentations. Members engage in discussion and debate about land use, economic and business issues that matter to Minnesota.

  • Informative and provocative luncheon programs
  • Local behind-the-scenes project site prior to public opening
  • Market and economic forecast updates
  • Annual CEO series with presentations from prominent local CEOs
  • Opportunities to attend national Land Economics Weekends
  • Access to global land economics-related resources via the international web site

Advancing Best Practices

LAI is committed to excellence and high professional standards. The members of LAI are among the best in their respective fields. This commitment to excellence extends beyond who we are to what we do.

Our Chapter is committed to making a difference. We do this by promoting understanding of land markets and the forces affecting growth, decline and revitalization.

Our members are leaders and innovators in their respective fields. We recognize professional excellence through the presentation of local awards to members and the larger land economic professional community. Additionally, on an international basis, LAI recognizes professional excellence through the presentation of international  awards.

LAI supports education and research on a broad variety of land use topics through the Land Economics Foundation. The mission of the LEF is to administer an investment fund that provides grants for research projects. LEF grants are approved for projects that encourage and support the study and application of land economics and support the highest ideas of scholarship and integrity. Annually, each member is asked to make an annual donation in support of the foundation.