Land Economics Weekend

Land Economics Weekend

LEW ReceptionLAI Minnesota rolled out the red carpet and blue skies for LEW May 13-15, 2010. LAI members from Spain, UK, Ireland, Canada and the US joined us for an invigorating mobile workshop embracing the history, land use success stories and challenges of the Twin Cities Region.

The weekend began with a welcoming reception at Windows on Minnesota, 50 stories above Minneapolis in the landmark IDS Center. Read more…

Comments about the program

I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Twin Cities for the first time and to have the opportunity to see and learn so much about your area. I came home exhausted and with information overload which for me is the hallmark of a successful LEW. I especially liked beginning the programs with a geographer. This program really put the region into context.

Virginia M. Harding, Minneapolis/St Paul

I had many pleasant surprises and you now have many ambassadors proclaiming these to the world. I know what it takes to do one of these weekends and I hope you all are not too exhausted by the superhuman effort you displayed. You have raised the bar in terms of your information and documentation which will be difficult to surpass.

Dr. Karen Sieracki